About Us

Here at Red Maple Suites we aim at epitomizing all that is required to inculcate an enjoyable and memorable experience. Priority is emphasized towards our valued customers, whom we want to feel as if they were at the luxury and comfort of their own home, which we do so by providing fully furnished luxury apartments in Mississauga and Toronto. Whether it is through Mississauga short term rentals or via extended/corporate housing in Toronto we guarantee that the experience provided to our clients will be a luxurious one; taking into account their best interests and opinions. Please do note that short term rentals and extended/corporate housing options are available in Mississauga as well as Toronto.

At Red Maple Suites we embrace technology and the various advancements that have been made in our lifestyle over the ages. Aesthetically, in our fully furnished Toronto luxury apartments you will notice that we provide a perfect blend of the several diverse cultures in Canada and strike a perfect balance, allowing you to fully enjoy your stay. The same atmosphere is also engineered at our Mississauga fully furnished suites.

We are sure that, with time, you will place your trust in us i.e. the entire team involved in making these furnished suites in Mississauga as comfortable as possible, without any hesitation! Via Mississauga short term rentals or Mississauga extended/corporate housing we assure you that the general aroma surrounding our apartments and suites will be assuredly the most soothing experience ever felt. The same goes for our luxury apartments in Toronto for short term or extended rental!

We provide fully furnished apartments for short term rental and for extended housing in up-scale buildings located in Mississauga as well as in Toronto. More importantly, while taking into consideration the needs of our customers, all public goods are available at a short distance from our luxury apartments in Mississauga. This also applies to our luxury furnished apartments in Toronto. So whether you want to head out to the local cinema to catch a movie or go sightseeing in Canada, you will find that almost everything will be at your doorstep. In fact, we ourselves are just a call away; if you require any sort of assistance feel free to contact us and we will surely assist you!

Our Toronto luxury rental apartments are fully furnished with the best possible furnishings considering the short term rental usage and corporate housing requirements for extended stay. We have also furnished our luxury suites in Mississauga in a similar manner.

The fully furnished apartments in Toronto and the fully furnished apartments in Mississauga have kitchens which are geared up with the latest technology and hardware, allowing you to conveniently cook your own meals without any hindrance. Not only, will you feel cozy in the atmosphere we create but at the end of day you will actually want to elongate your trip!

Additionally our Mississauga short term rental suites come with controlled access underground free parking areas; providing you with a secure location to park your vehicle. Similar parking facilities are also available with our Toronto luxury suites for extended/corporate housing. Furthermore, within our apartment building you will find a gymnasium, Jacuzzi and swimming pool which you can use to your convenience. These facilities are always available whether your rental is short term or extended in our suites in both Mississauga and Toronto.

The rent that we take for our Mississauga luxury suites and Toronto luxury suites is very nominal when compared to the vast facilities that we provide. Through both short term rentals in Mississauga or extended/corporate housing in Toronto we assure you that the rent being taken is necessary for providing you with a contented stay as, in truth, we give precedence to the comfort of our guest over our own.

To say the least most of our guests leave us with very positive remarks about our Mississauga fully furnished suites. The experience is the same for both extended and short term stay in Toronto as well as Mississauga. We sincerely hope that you will have faith in our efforts and choose the luxurious way of spending time in Canada!