Toronto Corporate Housing

Many of our valued guests actually prefer staying with us rather than staying at hotels. The reason behind this is simple: we provide brilliantly furnished suites for guests at affordable rates, allowing you to avoid the unnecessary expenditure of staying at a hotel.

Having redefined corporate housing in Toronto, we will provide our customers with fully furnished luxury apartments in the lavish areas of the city for an extended period of time. Whether you’re here with us for a business meeting or touristic purposes, you will find Red Maple Suites to be one of the most accommodating places in the entire country.

All our Toronto fully furnished apartments come with a number of facilities amongst which a few are:

I. Free Wi-Fi Connection.
II. Free calls across North America.
III. Free cable connection along with a LCD Display T.V.
IV. Free parking facilities.
V. Washing and drying facilities.

Please visit our ‘Facilities’ page for more information on the subject.

Furthermore, the buildings in which our suites are located come with conference and meeting rooms. This facility is ideal for those of you who wish to organize conferences within the city and can’t find an appropriate place to do so.

Due to the atmosphere that we create most of our guests staying with us at our luxury suites via extended/corporate housing in Toronto will not feel homesick at all. We provide our guests with a very friendly environment allowing them to feel as if they were at the luxury of their own home.

If you have any additional requirements please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page and e-mail them to us. We will try our best to accommodate to your needs. Please remember that here at Red Maple Suites we are at your service!

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  1. Albert Martin

    Excellent place for short stay, nice neat and clean apartment in the heart of the city. Close to the major attractions of Toronto.
    Definitely will stay again.

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