Our Suites

Here at Red Maple Suites we provide you with the best furnished apartments in the entire province of Ontario for short term rentals and extended/corporate housing in the cities of Mississauga and Toronto.

All our suites have been elegantly furnished with the best possible decorative combination, putting you right in the center of sophistication.

Our Mississauga luxury suites are awe inspiringly furnished, meant to provide you with the maximum obtainable level of comfort. In the living room you will find two extravagant leather sofas right in front of the LCD T.V. The dining table and chairs provide a perfect match to the fully furnished apartment and the kitchen is equipped with the latest technology to provide you with a paramount experience. The same applies to our luxury suites in Toronto, whether you choose to opt for Toronto short term rentals or Toronto extended/corporate housing.

All our luxury apartments in Toronto consist of one/two bedrooms with quality beds and mattresses. An additional extra mattress can be provided, if it is required. You will finds the closets to be clean and vast; enough for you to store your clothes and belongings in. Whether you are choosing Mississauga short term rental over Mississauga extended/corporate or vice versa, the beds and closet will be absolutely the same as those present in our Toronto luxury suites.

Our fully furnished apartments in Toronto have en-suite laundry and drying facilities so that you can wash your clothes and whatever else you deem unclean to your own convenience. The same facility is also available at our Mississauga luxury suites regardless of the duration of your stay.

Staying with us at our luxury suites will prove to be a memorable experience. Your stay will indeed be a comfortable one. We believe in our motto and we stick to it:“Home luxury; there’s no better way!”